I don’t understand how people can celebrate the death of an American sailor, let alone one who dedicated 10 years of his life to his craft, serving four tours in the most dangerous places on earth.

So I ask…why? What would posses you to do this?

If you don’t know what I’m talking, allow me to back up for a second. While trolling Twitter I came across tweet with a link to an article on examiner.com titled, “Liberals on Twitter celebrate murder of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.” I was disgusted, appalled, and ashamed at some of the comments I read from people on Twitter.

“I am absolutely against guns being used for any reason, but in the matter of Chris Kyle, I’d have to say it was poetic justice.”

“Chris Kyle was killed at a gun how ironic lol live by the gun die by the gun now I really believe he had it coming to him” (apparently this person loves punctuation)

Sickening. This makes me sick to my stomach. People who don’t have the courage to pick up a rifle and defend this country are celebrating the death of someone who did. Way to hide behind a screen and shoot your mouth off. Stay classy, cowards.

I refuse to call these people liberals. I will not generalize, and, frankly, I don’t care who they are.

People, this isn’t a democratic or conservative thing. It’s not a gun thing. It’s not a political thing. It’s a decency thing. Why would you trample on a good man’s grave? Please, answer me. Tell me why? He, and thousands of other soliders and sailors fought and died so you can have the right to sit at your computer and act like a disgusting piece of garbage.

I am setting up a fundraiser to help Mr. Kyle’s family. Please go to the following link to make a donation, Donations for Chris Kyle’s Family. I will then donate the money to America’s Mighty Warriors with the note, “Chris Kyle Memorial.” The money will go directly Chris’ family.

Thank you,

Christopher Crowell
Owner & CEO, Hammerhead Armament, LLC
USCG, 1998-2002



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